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Retail and wholesale distributor for White Wizard household, industrial and automotive cleaning products. White Wizard Spot, Stain Remover and All Purpose Cleaner, White Wizard Rust Remover, Super Absorbent Sponge Cloth and Sponge Blocks.

Supplier for the household consumer, industrial and wholesale distributor.

Effective Cleaning Solutions:

White Wizard Cleaning Products. An effective solution for all your cleaning needs. Spot, stain removal for all types of surfaces and fabrics. For use on clothing, carpets, upholstery, leather, fabrics and plastics. Use it to remove grease, oil, blood, pet stains, shoe polish, grass stains, gum, lipstick, smoke, juice stains, the list goes on! From cars to prewash laundry! In addition, a reliable rust remover that removes rust from mild steel and iron efficiently.

Safe Products:

White Wizard Spot Remover and all purpose cleaner is a non toxic, non flammable, non abrasive, odorless and biodegradable cleaner. White Wizard Super Safe Rust Remover safely removes rust and is also non toxic, non flammable, non abrasive and biodegradable. Safe for the environment!

White Wizard Spot Remover and all purpose cleaner is a safe effective solution for all your cleaning needs and is a proven product sold world wide for 30 years!

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